Although a Viennese classic, this beverage has a few different names around the globe. I’m sticking with the “proper” term - franziskaner. You need to drink it, not pronounce it.

Comprised of ⅓ espresso, ⅓ steamed non-dairy milk and ⅓ non-dairy whipped cream, this drink was downright delightful. Though I don’t usually have a sweet tooth when in comes to my drinks, I loved this one. My local grocery stores didn’t have vegan whipped cream, so I opted for So Delicious CocoWhip, and I actually think it came out so much better than it would have otherwise. The whip added a delicious and light extra bit of sweet and fluffiness to the coffee.  

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3 oz. brewed espresso
1.5 oz. milk, steamed to double in size
Flavor oils, optional
2-3 dollups non-dairy whip (or whipped cream if you prefer)

  1. Pour your fresh-brewed espresso into a mug. Add in any desired flavor oils at this point (I used Hazelnut for this one).
  2. Steam the milk right before adding it to the mug, using a spoon to hold back the foam (you only need the steamed milk in this drink, not the foam).
  3. Top with your desired amount of whip or whipped cream.

Coffee equipment used here: 
Moka Pot to brew espresso. 
Milk frother for steamed milk.