How to Make Office Coffee Not Suck

I refuse to drink bad coffee and I have long been on a mission to make the typical "office coffee" not... suck. I think I've finally mastered it and I can't keep it to myself. 

The secret is two-fold:

1. Make a fresh pot. Nothing is worse than stale burnt coffee that's been sitting out all day. 
2. Black Coffee Market flavor oils. I'm sure you've heard me mention them before - but I honestly can't get enough. My favorite flavor is currently the Organic Mocha - I find that it helps "bad" coffee taste how it should: smooth yet robust and downright delightful. The best thing about these is that they are completely vegan and calorie/gluten/sugar free. You honestly can't beat that! 

Join me in refusing to drink bad coffee and use code VEGGIEPASSPORT on your Black Coffee Market order and receive $2 off plus a free gift!

**All flavor oils are currently $5 off, but this sale won't last forever!**